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Is the Importance of Technical Communication Evolving?

20th June 2014 Posted in Blog, Documentation 0 Comments

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This excellent summary article on TC World makes the assertion that:

“Technical communication is moving away from engineering and closer towards marketing and communications.”

The piece cites and summarizes the results of surveys to back up that claim with three overall observations:

  1. Good product information encourages users to recommend a product.
  2. High-quality technical information is a decisive factor in purchasing decisions.
  3. The vast majority or consumers research online before buying.

We don’t think the third item is a surprise to anyone. Researching online in advance of making a purchase is pretty much a given today. But have you given much thought about the extent to which technical communications can influence purchase decisions and grow sales?

Some of the findings include:

  • More respondents (47%) used product information to learn more about a new product before they used it than to troubleshoot a problem (42%).
  • 82% of those surveyed felt that high quality product content was essential to good customer service.
  • 88.7% believed that high quality technical information is important or very important with regard to the purchase decision.
  • 72% responded that high quality product content makes it more likely that they would recommend a product and brand.

Are any of these findings particularly surprising to you? What are your thoughts?

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