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The Importance of Well-Documented Processes 

13th March 2013 Posted in Blog, Documentation, Technical Writers 0 Comments
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As business grow and become more successful, the need for well-documented processes expands. This need is driven by a variety of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Refinement of work duties as work becomes more specialized
  • Personnel turnover
  • Requirements that get instituted that are beyond the company’s control
  • Catastrophic events

Planning ahead to get processes documented and keep them up to date can avoid the stress of undergoing a massive brain dump at a time when all the necessary resources may not be available.

Marcia Weedon discusses these issues and the need for well-documented processes in her article, The Value of Documented Processes.

Read the article and then leave a comment here. Have you been in a situation where where processes were inadequately documented? How were those challenges met?

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