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Content and Quality Management

11th August 2015 Posted in Blog, Content, Management, Technical Writers 1 Comment

Image for Content and Quality Management PostTechnical writing groups are often faced with problems in trying to achieve efficient management of content quality.

In this interview with Diane Wieland, Scott Abel, publisher of The Content Wrangler, discusses how content quality management systems are used to increase the efficiency of tech pubs groups and gives specific examples of tools used for managing content quality. He also recommends several other sources that will give managers better insight into content quality management and its importance.

Read Understanding the Need for Content Quality Management and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. Have you tried any of these tools? How does your group manage content quality? We’d love to hear from you.

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Content Convergence and Integration

2nd November 2013 Posted in Blog, Content, Documentation 0 Comments

Rahel Anne Bailie

The integration of content has come a long way in the past five years. The concept of portable, module-based reusable code in programming has extended itself to all types of content. Today’s content is often re-used, re-purposed and re-generated for use in different contexts. In fact, to be at its most valuable, today’s content should be developed so that it can be used in other contexts.

The article, The Why and How of Content Convergence and Integration by Rahel Anne Bailie was somewhat visionary in that it was published 5 years ago when the concept of portable content across various media was just taking hold. She points out, when content is architected well, convergence and integration can occur seamlessly.

Partnering with Content Writers

25th October 2013 Posted in Blog, Content, Hiring Writers 0 Comments

Image for Partnering with Content Writers

Your company can’t do it all on its own.  Even if you could drink all of the coffee in the world, you know you need help to get the best content on your site and out to your online and offline audiences. By partnering with content writers and outsourcing your writing needs, you get to collaborate and you can build relationships that benefit everyone in the end.

Consider what might happen if you find a content writer who works well with your needs.  The next time you need to write about a particular topic, you will be able to turn back to that writer for additional support.  In a sense, you’re no longer alone in the work that needs to be done, and you can work with someone who’s already proven to be helpful in your mission.


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Multitasking Made Easier with Contract Writers

23rd October 2013 Posted in Blog, Content, Hiring Writers 0 Comments

Image for Writer's Block PostNo matter how good technology gets, we still have more things to do in a day than there are hours.  While this might feel productive to the business owner, it’s actually a problem for those who want to get things done.

You’re not only working on your next marketing strategy, but you also need to get content out design the new website, talk to a partner and…

It’s no wonder that your writing may not be getting in front of audiences right away.  In fact, you might be falling behind because you’re trying to be too productive.  The answer to your problems (and your projects) is hiring an outside writer to take on the writing tasks.  When you find the perfect writing partner, you’ll be able to manage your growing To Do list, and get things done simultaneously on a regular basis, instead of having to finish one task before moving onto another.


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Hiring a Ghostwriter Provides Many Benefits

10th October 2013 Posted in Blog, Content, Writing 0 Comments

Image for Ghostwriters PostWhen it comes to creating content, you don’t have to be the one that writes the words to get the rights to it.  Many people (and businesses) think that to gain audiences, they need to be the one who sits at the computer and writes the content.  This is simply untrue.  Instead, by hiring a ghostwriter, you can outsource content creation and still retain ownership rights while getting the writing you need and the exposure your business deserves.


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3 Steps to Apply the Advice of Journalists

24th January 2013 Posted in Blog, Content, Writing 0 Comments

Image for 3 Steps to Apply the Advice of Journalists

Today’s readers don’t have hours to spend online, even if they end up doing it anyway. In this time of fast-moving information and access, you need to think less about how much you have to say, and more about how you present your ideas. To accomplish the goal of increasing readership, you need to think like a journalist, even if you’re writing about something that’s not newsworthy.


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Shaping Your Online Writing to Your Reader

7th December 2012 Posted in Blog, Content, Writing 0 Comments

Image for Shaping Your Online Writing

So much of writing advice is focused on how you can pare down your writing to make it stronger. This is certainly good advice, but when you’re writing for online markets, you need to remember something else. While you can have the best information out there, if you’re not presenting it well, you may not be getting or retaining the readers you want – and need.

A few techniques can improve the overall quality and presentation of your writing in blogs, online articles, etc.


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How Can You Find a Voice You Never Discovered?

25th October 2012 Posted in Blog, Communication, Content, Writing 0 Comments

Image for Online Writing Voice Post

One of the first lessons an online writer learns is to write differently than you did in college. When you get that first assignment, you find out that those long and complex sentences aren’t the right fit for the Web audience. You need to use your personality and your voice to connect with readers. But what the heck does this even mean?

Finding your voice isn’t necessarily something they teach in school. This is why you often see a lot of blogs that start out slow and then become better with time. Conversely, you also see a number of blogs online that start out great and then the writer can’t keep the energy up – because it’s not his or her own energy. It’s a persona.


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The Ongoing Challenge of SEO

23rd August 2012 Posted in Blog, Content, Editing, Marketing Writers 2 Comments

Image for SEO Copywriting Post

SEO used to be so easy, didn’t it? Once upon a time, you could simply add the ‘right’ words to your web copy and the right number of these ‘right’ words and you would get to the front page of a search engine results page. Well, it wasn’t quite that easy, but it was definitely easier than it is today.

How times have changed.

As the SEO rules continue to change, the writing for websites and web businesses becomes trickier. Gone are the days of a simple formula to follow, as we now enter an age of writing for an audience that is smarter and savvier. (Google is pickier.)


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Breaking All the Writing Rules = Success?

14th August 2012 Posted in Blog, Communication, Content 4 Comments

Image for Breaking Writing Rules

Let’s face it. Many people avoid writing because there are so many rules. They’d rather let someone else handle the logistics of grammar and punctuation because they can’t be bothered to learn.

But do you really need to follow all the rules?

Imagine what would happen if you were to go to a website to read about a company. If the writer were to follow all the rules of writing, the copy would be technically terrific, however, would the audience agree?


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