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Does Your Writing Need an Editor or a Proofreader?

21st November 2014 Posted in Blog, Editing 0 Comments

Editing or Proofreading

What’s the difference between editing and proofreading, and how do you choose the right professional for your writing?

In his article, Editing versus Proofreading, Brendan Brown, an expert editor based in Australia, takes a look at both and provides some tips on when your writing needs an editor and when it needs a proofreader. And, as he points out, the quality of writing can ultimately be the difference between success and failure, whether you’re publishing a book, preparing a thesis, or writing for business.

Read and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. Did you come away with a new understanding of the difference between editing and proofreading? Did you find his tips useful in choosing a professional to polish your writing? 

The Ongoing Challenge of SEO

23rd August 2012 Posted in Blog, Content, Editing, Marketing Writers 2 Comments

Image for SEO Copywriting Post

SEO used to be so easy, didn’t it? Once upon a time, you could simply add the ‘right’ words to your web copy and the right number of these ‘right’ words and you would get to the front page of a search engine results page. Well, it wasn’t quite that easy, but it was definitely easier than it is today.

How times have changed.

As the SEO rules continue to change, the writing for websites and web businesses becomes trickier. Gone are the days of a simple formula to follow, as we now enter an age of writing for an audience that is smarter and savvier. (Google is pickier.)


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Proofreading Tips (Or How to Not Turn Off Your Reader)

17th July 2012 Posted in Blog, Editing 7 Comments

Image for Proofreading Tips

Let’s be honest – audiences can be challenging, especially when they pick up on a mistake in a book (or article or blog post).  The presence of a mistake can lead to a lack of trust in the writer and a lack of trust in the information being presented.

Writers (and reviewers) should take note of these proofreading tips:


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