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Choosing the Right Outsourcing Recruiter

23rd September 2015 Posted in Blog, Company, Hiring 0 Comments

Image for Choosing the Right Outsourcing Recruiter PostNowadays, many companies are outsourcing their recruiting needs, rather than having a special recruiting department or making recruiting the task of human resources. Finding the right outsourcing recruiter is not that easy. It takes time to find the right one that your company needs.

In her article, How to Pick the Right Recruiter, Meredith McGhan, provides four questions you need to ask to find the right recruiter to meet your hiring needs.

  1. What is the recruiter’s specialty?
  2. What is the recruiter’s experience level?
  3. How well do you and the recruiter communicate?
  4. How is the recruiter progressing in finding candidates?

She explains how answering these questions can help you in choosing the right recruiter to find the right people for the position who will help in your company’s success.

Read How to Pick the Right Recruiter and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. Are you taking any extra steps to find the right recruiter?

Tips for Interviewing and Hiring Technical Communicators

Image for Tips for Interviewing and Hiring Technical CommunicatorsFinding the right person that fits exactly into an open Technical Communicator position is difficult, especially if the interviewer or the technical communicator doesn’t have much experience or skill in handling the process. Technical communications professions require a unique mix of technical and communications skills, which can be very hard to find.

In her article, Five Secrets to Successful Interviewing and Hiring, Karen O’Keefe offers five tips with examples that will help you get through the interviewing and hiring process successfully.

  1. Writing a Detailed Job Description
  2. Making Sure the Setting/Environment is Conducive
  3. Conducting a Programmed Interview
  4. Using Multiple Interviewers
  5. Considering Testing

Lastly, she explains that there is no method or template that you can apply directly to your department, group, or company, but you can use this process as an example for building and refining your own.

Read Five Secrets to Successful Interviewing and Hiring and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. Do you have additional pointers to offer in finding the right technical communicator for the job? 

Finding and Hiring Contract Writers

Image for Finding and Hiring Contract Writers PostWhen hiring a contract technical writer, there are many factors to consider. First, you need to be sure that you’re getting the right one to avoid problems and ensure success.

In his article “Hiring Contract Technical Writers”, Writing Assistance, Inc.’s President, Scott Hartmann, provides insight on what you need to do before you start looking for a contract technical writing professional and how to go about finding one suitable for your project. He provides a list of steps that will help guide you through the process, including preparing a job description, the avenues and resources available to help you find contract writers in lieu of full-time employees, and what to look for in a contract technical writer. He includes a discussion of the contracts and agreements you need once you select a writer and explains other factors to be considered.

Read Hiring Contract Technical Writers and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. Do you have any additional thoughts to share on the steps involved in hiring a contract technical writer? 

Why Staffing Through a Recruiter Makes Sense

8th April 2015 Posted in Blog, Hiring, Human Resources (HR), Staffing 0 Comments

image for Why Staffing Through A Recruiter Makes SenseThe economy is gaining steam. Unemployment rates are dropping. Companies are hiring again. In today’s job market, there are lots of companies looking for great people with specialized skills.

The hiring process can be costly and time consuming. Finding the right match for an open position can be a challenge. It makes more sense than ever that businesses should invest in finding the right person to work in their respective company.

In her article, The ROI (Return on Investment) on Using an Outside Recruiter, Meredith Mcghan explains the benefits of using an outside recruiter, including time savings, predictable costs, and finding the A-list candidates companies want most. She makes a strong argument for the potentially high ROI of using an outside recruiter compared to tying up what may be limited in-house resources.

Read The ROI (Return on Investment) and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. What benefits have you enjoyed in using an outside placement firm? Did you feel like you had a strong ROI in doing so? What would you do differently? 

How Trainers Hold the Key to Onboarding New Hires

24th February 2015 Posted in Blog, Hiring, Training & Development 0 Comments

Image for How Trainers Hold the Key to Onboarding New Hires

In today’s competitive market, training and development staff should focus on how they can help provide effective onboarding for new employees to help the organization grow its talent, establish good relationships between employer and employees, and help contribute to the future success of any organization.

In her article, New Attention to Onboarding: Where Trainers Hold the Keys,  Sue Plaster, M.Ed., explains how training staff, leaders, hiring managers, recruiters, and even new employees play important roles in orientation and onboarding. She provides a series of questions that helps shape the onboarding of new employees in any organization. She takes a close look at the three views to be considered in the overall onboarding plan for the employee, which are: the big picture, the middle view and up close. And last, she talks about how important it is to ask new employees themselves about their needs in the onboarding process.

Read New Attention to Onboarding: Where Trainers Hold the Keys and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. As a trainer, how have you helped your organization with its onboarding process if you’ve been involved? As an employee, do you think trainers could have helped with the onboarding process you experienced when you were first hired?

Successful Hiring is in the Interview Process

5th September 2014 Posted in Blog, Hiring, Human Resources (HR) 0 Comments

Image for Successful Hiring is in the Interview Process Post

Any HR professional or manager who has made a poor hiring decision can tell you that the cost of hiring the wrong employee can be substantial, both from a financial standpoint and from wasting a considerable amount of time. But if you are responsible for selecting a candidate, what can you do to increase your chances for a successful hire?

In her article, Five Secrets to Successful Interviewing and Hiring, Karen O’Keefe provides five tips for preparing for and conducting the interview, vital stages in getting it right. While the article was originally intended to provide help in selecting the right technical communicator, O’Keefe’s advice can be put to good use in hiring nearly any type of worker.

Read Five Secrets to Successful Interviewing and Hiring and then leave a comment here. Do you have additional interviewing and hiring tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you.

Taking Job Candidates’ Skills for a Test Drive

5th June 2014 Posted in Blog, Hiring, Management 0 Comments

Most managers would certainly test drive a car before they bought it. But how about test driving the skills of their next employee? Cars are assets that depreciate-sometimes, rapidly. Choosing the right new hire can result in acquiring an asset whose value can grow in time. But how do you go about test driving a job candidate?

In his article, Test Driving Your Next Employee’s Skills, Daniel Rieger looks at behavioral interviewing, a process where past performance can be a predictor of future performance. But he goes a step beyond that by moving past just a discussion of behavior into a demonstration of behavior.

Read: “Test Driving Your Next Employee’s Skills and then leave a comment below with your thoughts. As a manager or interviewer, have you tried behavioral interviews and do you see ways in which you might apply Rieger’s approach to test driving the skills of your next candidate?

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Secrets to Successful Interviewing and Hiring

9th October 2013 Posted in Blog, Hiring, Industry Articles, Management 0 Comments


Frequently, technical communicators and others who have been promoted into management find themselves facing the need to interview candidates for open positions. While successful interviewing is key to finding the right match for open positions in the department, all too often interviewers have never been provided with training to build their interviewing skills.

In her article, “5 Secrets to Successful Interviewing and Hiring,” Karen O’Keefe looks at:

  • Writing a detailed job description
  • Making sure the setting/environment is conducive
  • Conducting a programmed interview
  • Using multiple interviewers
  • Considering testing

Read the article and share your thoughts, ideas and experiences on interviewing and hiring in a comment below.

Keeping Up with Google’s SEO Changes

14th August 2013 Posted in Blog, Hiring, Management, Marketing Writers, Writing 0 Comments

Image for Google Panda Post

For the past two-and-a-half years or so, Google has been tightening up its search ranking algorithms (Google’s “secret sauce” for determining where pages rank for a certain search query). Starting with the original Google Panda update in February of 2011 and continuing with multiple iterations of both Panda (largely related to on-page factors) and what Google calls its Penguin updates (largely related to incoming links) that continue today, a number of websites were hit hard with these changes.  For the most part, many didn’t even know it had happened…but once they saw their website traffic take a hit and not recover, they went hunting for explanations.


What Happens if You Hire the Wrong Employee?

12th January 2012 Posted in Blog, Hiring, Human Resources (HR) 0 Comments

Image for The Cost of Hiring the Wrong Employee

It’s a new year and the prospects for the economy look like their may be better days ahead. Along with the new year comes a new budget, and many companies are looking to beef up their staff by hiring technical writers, instructional designers, copywriters and other professionals to help meet this year’s goals.

But finding just the right employee (or contractor, for that matter) isn’t always so easy. So what are the risks if you don’t get it right?