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Free Downloads

Writing Assistance, Inc. offers several free downloadable items we hope you will find useful when hiring professionals.

PDF Files (May be viewed or downloaded)

Note to Chrome Users – Depending on your Chrome settings and whether you use an external PDF reader instead of Google Chrome’s built-in reader, you may have difficulty in scrolling through a PDF document. Recently, we’ve found issues with both Chrome’s internal PDF reader and with Adobe Acrobat Reader. You have a few options:

  1. Generally, you’ll see a download icon at the upper right of the Chrome window that will allow you to download the PDF instead of viewing it online:

    Download PDF in Chrome

  2. Depending on which version of Google Chrome you are using, you can also check and adjust your settings for PDF files under Settings > Advanced Settings > Content Settings (in the Privacy and Security section)> PDF Documents.
  3. You can also download an alternative PDF reader which can be activated as a Chrome Extension. Kami is widely used, has very favorable ratings, and, in our opinion, offers a solid user experience. You can find additional Chrome extensions at:

Job Description Templates (MS Word Docs)

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