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Find answers to job seekers’ frequently asked questions.

Our Candidates are the Lifeblood of Our Business

When it comes to our candidate network, we know our business doesn’t exist without your talents. We work hard to ensure every interaction you have with WAI is professional, respectful, and provides you with rewarding projects and writing opportunities that cater to your skill set.

Below are some of the commonly asked questions of job seekers.

Why Writers Like WAI

Why use WAI instead of other services?

We take a personal interest in you. Unlike some Internet job boards, at WAI we’re looking for the most qualified technical writers, instructional designers, medical writers or other professionals for our clients – not the lowest bidders. We use our experience and knowledge to evaluate your background, skills, location and specialties. Only then do we match you with a client or project that can best utilize your talents and abilities. We won’t waste your time contacting you with projects that don’t fit your interest or skill set. Like you, our main objective is finding a good fit.

Do you do permanent placements as well as contract?

Yes. Though most of our clients are seeking contract professionals for temporary assignment, we do occasionally get calls for technical writers and other professionals to fill a full-time position. Additionally, we have received requests for temp-to-hire when one of our professionals has proved invaluable to a client.

Contract and Full-time Writing Assignments
Remote Writing Jobs

Can I work off site?

Yes. Some clients may feel it’s only necessary to meet with you once initially, and then schedule subsequent meetings as needed. Other clients consider it crucial that you work on site. Whichever option the client chooses, we believe a working relationship is most successful when the client and writer have met at least once.

How much do you pay?

We don’t set your rates—you do. If the client has a certain budget limit, we will tell you, but ultimately you decide how much you will charge.

How Much Do Writers Make
Submitting Candidates to Clients

How many candidates do you present to a client?

Typically, we present the profiles of two to four writers, designers, or trainers to the client. We always present the professionals we believe to be the most qualified and the best possible fit for the client and their project. In the end, the client chooses which professional to hire.

Who pays for your services?

We take your rate and add a small markup to the client, which the client pays. Letting us take care of the sales and marketing for you enables you to continue doing what you do best.

Payment for Writing Services
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When do I get paid?

When you’re a WAI professional, you won’t be sitting around waiting for a check to arrive in the mail, or worse, calling your client to ‘remind’ them that a payment is overdue. We take care of billing the client and payment for you. We invoice the client for your hours every two weeks. Once we receive payment from the client, we pay you within five working days. It’s that easy.

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