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3 Steps to Apply the Advice of Journalists

24th January 2013 Posted in Blog, Content, Writing 0 Comments

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Today’s readers don’t have hours to spend online, even if they end up doing it anyway. In this time of fast-moving information and access, you need to think less about how much you have to say, and more about how you present your ideas. To accomplish the goal of increasing readership, you need to think like a journalist, even if you’re writing about something that’s not newsworthy.

  1. Start with the most exciting information at the top of your piece. Doing so will encourage the reader to find out more, to read on.
  2. Next, focus on the important details in the story you have to share. Create more interest with the details you choose and link them back to the main idea to inform the reader.
  3. Finally, leave the less important details for the end. This might include contact information, for example.

Since many readers may never get to the end of an article, you need to start off strong, inform the reader, and then – assuming they read the entire piece – provide the follow-up information they need when they’re done.

You have to get as much important information to your readers at the start. They don’t always have time for details, but when you’ve built up excitement, they’re more likely to stay on the page for a while.

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