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Advancing from Writer to Manager

8th May 2015 Posted in Blog, Career Development, Management 0 Comments

Image for Advancing from Writer to Manager PostWhile getting a promotion to move up in the ranks from writer to manager can seem really exciting at first, many writers don’t have prior experience in dealing with subordinates or being responsible for a team. Some writers were never meant to be managers, but they often feel they have to take the position for a spin and show some confidence in their abilities to manage if they want to advance in their career.

In his article, Making the Transition from Technical Writer to Manager, Steve Capri covers a lot of ground on making the transition to management. While the article was originally written for technical writers who become documentation managers, the advice is sound for any writer, and, for that matter, nearly anyone who is being brought into management for the first time. The 10 areas he addresses in the article really could make for an introduction to management training course in many organizations:

  1. Preparing for the transition
  2. Inheriting a staff
  3. Establishing a new staff
  4. Developing your own management style
  5. Realizing your accomplishments in a different way
  6. Learning to delegate
  7. Getting other managers to treat you as a peer
  8. Accepting something less than you can do yourself
  9. Giving the monkeys back
  10. Learning how to evaluate performance

Of course, the article doesn’t cover everything one might encounter while climbing the corporate ladder. But it’s a good start. And, considering that most new managers don’t receive adequate training for performing at their best in their new roles, new managers may just want to keep it on hand to use as a reference.

Read Making the Transition from Technical Writer to Manager¬†and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. What have been your experiences as a new manager? Did you eventually go back to your writing position after deciding you weren’t meant for management? What obstacles did you overcome and what became the key to your eventual success?

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