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An Excel Template for Planning Documentation Projects

15th January 2014 Posted in Blog, Documentation, Planning, Project Management 0 Comments

MS Excel Template for Planning Documentation Projects

Planning for and estimating the resources needed to complete a documentation project can be a daunting task at times for documentation managers and specialists as well as independent consultants. What if a tool was available that could:

  • Help you prepare more accurate project estimates.
  • Provide a clear and specific explanation when things take longer than they “should have.”
  • Give you a way to justify new resources, budget for contractors, or to just say “no.”
  • Assist in making strategic decisions.

Now, what if that tool was a template for MS Excel? Would you try it out and take it for a test run?

Margie Yundt and Sherry McMenemy have created a template that can help you better plan documentation projects. They explain the process and the thinking beyond the tool they’ve created in their article, It’s in the Numbers: Using Metrics to Plan Documentation Projects. There’s also a link in the article for you to download the Excel template.

We encourage you to read the article and take the template for a spin. Then leave a comment here with your thoughts on this template or additional tools you’ve found useful for estimating documentation projects.

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