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Best Career for 2011? Technical Writing

29th December 2010 Posted in Blog, Career Development, Technical Writers 6 Comments
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Your company may not realize it, but your technical writing team is comprised of people who apparently have the best career of 2011, according to US News and World Report. And since many prospective employees might take the time to read this report, it’s a good idea you know what it says.

What Technical Writers Can Expect

According to the description of technical writing in the Best Careers list, technical writers can expect the median pay to be around $62,700, as it was in 2009. Some lesser-paid technical writers made about $37,000 and others earned more than $100,000. Since technical writers can work anywhere in many cases, the jobs might also be shipped overseas to help cut costs.

Technical writers do not have as many issues with job activity stress, but they do have the added stress of having to work at all hours to meet deadlines and to communicate with other team members who may be located in different parts of the world.

How to Respond to the Technical Writer Report

Many new technical writers will be able to see from the US News and World Report what may be expected of them, but how should a human resources department respond? While the salary figures might not be possible for all companies, an HR department will see that the job description also lists the need for a college diploma, no bad thing when you’re looking to hire new people. With this sort of educational background, people will be more likely to be easy to train and easy to manage. (But is that an unfair generalization?)

Technical writers are one of the best careers of 2011, according to this report. Now, you just need to make sure you hire the best ones available that are a good fit for your company.

Technical writers – HR specialists – Do you agree with US News & World Reports’ placement of technical writing as one of the top 50 careers for 2011? We’d love to hear your comments!

Read the U.S. News Article – Best Careers 2011: Technical Writer

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  1. By Raoul Johnstonon 29th, December 2010 at 8:00 pm

    So how does one exactly transition into technical writing? Who will get these jobs, those who
    are trained and experienced in technical writing, or those who are transitioning from writing and communication
    related careers currently in the toilet such as advertising, PR and journalism?

  2. By editoron 30th, December 2010 at 2:53 pm


    Both. Not everyone is cut out to be a tech writer, however. It takes a considerable amount of technical ability and an interest in how things work, etc. Not every writer is cut out for that. And, while many print journalists have had a tough time lately, I don’t agree that advertising, PR and journalism careers are “in the toilet.” People need to stay alert to changes in the marketplace and learn new things if they want to stay on top of their careers.

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  6. By Pro Blogger Newson 26th, March 2011 at 3:28 pm

    Technical Writing Best Career For 2011…

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