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Building a Technical Writing Team

11th January 2011 Posted in Blog, Technical Writers 1 Comment
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What happens behind the scenes at many companies will stay a mystery to most. Only those involved in the day to day hiring or training will know for certain who needs to be employed at a company and who doesn’t.

When it comes to technical needs, it’s not just technical writers who need to be on hand. With the larger need for more technical documentation and action, the technical team requires a number of professionals to produce results.

Who’s on the Team?

While the team members who are ‘needed’ on the technical team can vary from one company to the next, the basic members need to include:

  • Technical writers
  • Recruiters
  • Native English-language speakers
  • Foreign-language specialists
  • Quality control workers

Technical writers

Technical writers are essential when it comes to writing up the documentation and (oftentimes) the training manuals used for a company. They will ensure that people within and outside of the company can follow the instructions and expect certain results.


Recruiters are needed to make sure the technical team always has the employees to fill the positions needed. While recruiters are not usually as part of the technical writing team, they are crucial in ensuring you have the specific human resources you need so that the team works as a team.

If your recruiting staff is shorthanded or not sufficiently experienced to staff your technical needs, third-party recruiters who specialize in placement of technical writers like Writing Assistance, Inc. are often called on to fill the bill.

Native English-language speakers

Native English speakers are needed for documentation that needs to be in English or needs to be read by those who speak English. When someone in another country does the technical writing or who has another native language, having an English speaker to at least proofread and edit the writing is helpful.

Foreign-language specialists

At the same time, having team members who are fluent in other languages can help to extend the usefulness of technical writing. These members will be able to create a new document or interpret an old document with their language skills. In many cases, these tasks are outsourced to localization and translation firms, but need to be closely managed by the technical team.

Quality control workers

Quality control workers are needed to ensure the data presented in the documents is accurate. Technical writing isn’t useful unless others can actually use it. Within technical teams, this is often handled through peer reviews and subject-matter expert reviews.


Building the right technical writing team might take time and effort to do, but with a strong team in place, the process can be smooth and the results reliable.

What are your thoughts on building a technical writing team? We’d love to hear your comments!

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