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Carnegie Mellon: Readying Writers for Technical Times

Carnegie Mellon

Technical writing isn’t something that simply happens incidentally anymore. While technical writers might have been good writers in school and then had the technical experience to bolster their writing expertise, times are changing and schools are offering degrees in technical writing.

At Carnegie Mellon, students are able to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Communication. Students will take classes to help them become technical writers in one of two different tracks:

  • Technical Communication (TC)
  • Scientific and Medical Communication (SMC)

Those who maintain a B average in these programs at Carnegie Mellon will be able to apply for internships in technical writing, helping them get valuable experience that will support their career development. The documents that students write during these internships will be the beginning of a portfolio that students can then pass on to prospective employers, allowing them a better chance of getting a job when they’re out of school – or perhaps while they’re still in school.

Something to note as well is that Carnegie Mellon actually has one of the oldest undergraduate technical communication degree programs in the country. And since industries are relying more than ever on these specialized writers, the training will only serve to increase the expertise of these professionals.

With this four-year degree, students will learn how to improve and to develop their writing to fit into the technical arena. According to Carnegie Mellon, students who have graduated from this program have found themselves employed with Microsoft, Intel, AT&T, Digital Equipment, IBM, Data General, NCR Corporation, Apollo Computers, Cisco Systems, and Mellon Financial.

Technical writing can be a great career. With the more quality training that’s made available, the better technical writing documents will become – and that benefits everyone, even those who have been out of school for a while.

Time to hit the books?

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