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Choosing the Right Outsourcing Recruiter

23rd September 2015 Posted in Blog, Company, Hiring 0 Comments

Image for Choosing the Right Outsourcing Recruiter PostNowadays, many companies are outsourcing their recruiting needs, rather than having a special recruiting department or making recruiting the task of human resources. Finding the right outsourcing recruiter is not that easy. It takes time to find the right one that your company needs.

In her article, How to Pick the Right Recruiter, Meredith McGhan, provides four questions you need to ask to find the right recruiter to meet your hiring needs.

  1. What is the recruiter’s specialty?
  2. What is the recruiter’s experience level?
  3. How well do you and the recruiter communicate?
  4. How is the recruiter progressing in finding candidates?

She explains how answering these questions can help you in choosing the right recruiter to find the right people for the position who will help in your company’s success.

Read How to Pick the Right Recruiter and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. Are you taking any extra steps to find the right recruiter?

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