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Cloud Computing: Fostering Collaboration

26th January 2011 Posted in Blog, Content, Documentation, Technology & Tools 1 Comment
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Technical writers and trainers aren’t always in an office or at a desk. When technical documentation or training materials need to be updated, the person responsible may be on the road at a customer site, snowed in or otherwise not in reach of the office desktop. While having laptops, netbooks, or tablets and access to the Internet is a good start, how can multiple users access the same file from different locations?

Cloud computing offers new answers to these problems for many professions.

The Technology Cloud Calls

If a document needs to be edited and the writer or trainer isn’t at the office, the document still needs to be accessed, updated and placed in a location where others can use it. But not only is remote access a benefit, there are many other advantages to using cloud computing, including:

  • Collaboration – Teams can work together instead of working via a closed network. Team members can talk to each other about changes that need to be made and then go ahead and make them.
  • Global team network – Since technical writing and training development teams don’t need to be stationed in one location, you can hire the best talent out there. Without a need for relocation, companies save money and still get high quality work, around the clock.
  • Multiple storage options – When saving a document in the cloud, the document can also be stored on the technical writer’s or training developer’s home computer as well as on the cloud server. This allows for backup copies, ensuring the safety of the work.
Hey, You, Get on to the Cloud!

Cloud computing is still evolving but there are some options that allow for cloud storage now, including offerings from:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Sun Microsystems
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • EMC

As well as a growing number of software as a service (SaaS) providers.

Offering different levels of storage, teams will be able to store documents and other content assets that need to be available at all times by using the cloud solutions that work best for them.

Cloud computing options are growing, trying to keep up with the need. With more and more content assets that require collaborative access in use in business today, a place to put it all is only natural. Providing shared access to files in the cloud is attractive and a very viable solution for teams who need to collaborate to keep content assets accurate, up to date, and ready to be used by any who needs them with nothing more than Internet access required.

Is your team using the cloud yet? How so or why not? Please leave a comment – we’d love to hear from you!

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