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Controlling Your Off-Site Writing Team

12th February 2014 Posted in Blog, Management 0 Comments

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Once you’ve found the person (or persons) you need for your writing needs, it’s up to you to help them help you.  This requires some leadership and organizational skills, as well as some clear direction.  To get the most from any professional, provide leadership and direction. If that leader is you, here’s what you need to do.

  • Plan out the project – Define the expectations of the writing work to be done.  This should include the audience, the word count, the tone, the language (i.e. US English, UK English, etc.), and any other details that might help a writer understand the work to be done.
  • Define the timelines – The more you can define the timeline, the easier it will be to understand when you can expect delivery of your project or pieces of the project. (And it will be easier for your team to follow through.)
  • Ask for regular updates – Having regular updates, especially with a new team, can help ensure everyone is connected during the process.  This not only allows you to see how things are progressing, but also it helps you see when problems need to be managed.
  • Respond quickly with revisions/questions – The more quickly you can respond to queries from your team, the more easily they can continue to progress in the writing project(s).

The more involved you are with an off-site writing team, the more satisfied you will be with the entire process.  In addition, the smoother the process is for your team, the more effective they can be.

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Have you managed off-site writing teams? What would you add to these suggestions to get the most from remote teams? Please leave a comment. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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