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Convincing the Boss to OK Going to a Conference

15th August 2014 Posted in Blog, Career Development, Events 0 Comments


With summer winding down and the conference season starting to rear its head once again, like the WritersUA East 2014 conference coming up in Ocotober we told you about earlier this week, it’s time to dust off a great, timeless article by Mike Doyle with tips on justifying conference attendance.

The professional and personal networking opportunities (not to mention learning, of course) provided by such conferences can be invaluable. But with competing budget priorities, how can you approach the boss and get approval for yourself or your group to go?

Mike Doyle provides just what you need to give yourself a fighting chance in How To Justify Conference Attendance.

Read the article and then leave a comment here. What other arguments have you made to justify the expense of going to a conference? What benefits have you experienced personally from going to conferences?

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