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Cutting Buzzwords from Your Writing

9th November 2012 Posted in Blog, Writing 0 Comments

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Whether you’re writing for business or for pleasure, you have plenty of words from which to choose. But if you’ve been reading what’s online today, you may have noticed a number of the same words being used again and again. Sure, there are trends in writing, but there are also words that begin to be overused.

Don’t want to be that writer? You don’t have to be.

When you’re writing a piece for publishing online or for public consumption, you need to think about what you’re trying to say – and SAY IT. Don’t rely on words that sort of describe what you mean.

Let’s look at an example. Say you want to write about the economy right now. Instead of talking about the down economy, get specific. Talk about the numbers that prove the economy is depressed right now. Write about the facts that support your ideas, and the reader will get a solid piece of writing, without having to question what you actually mean.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use clichés and buzzwords from time to time. You can, but when you rely on one to say what you mean, your writing can suffer. Look at your writing from the eye of the reader. If they’re not finding clarity, they’re going to look for another writer to read.

What are some of your least favorite buzzwords? Please leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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