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Diagnosing the Medical Writer

7th October 2011 Posted in Blog, Medical Writers 1 Comment

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Not all medical writers are created alike.  Though they all deal with medical topics, their training and their focus are different, albeit complementary.

Whether you’re interested in hiring a medical writer or becoming a medical writer, you need to know how to diagnose the differences between the two main categories.

Scientific Medical Writers

The scientific medical writer will have extensive experience in the science field, and will generally hold an advanced science degree.  These writers will handle projects like:

  • Journal abstracts
  • Journal articles
  • Physician speeches
  • Medical education materials
  • Regulatory documents
  • White papers
  • Internet content
  • And more

This isn’t to say that the documents scientific medical writers won’t be used in other ways, as their level of documentation can also create effective marketing tools.  However, many medical writers who have a science background will focus on the facts, rather than persuading an audience.

Marketing Medical Writers

Another medical writer might focus on marketing instead of the medical aspects.  While still concerned with getting the medicine right, their job is to think about how the information can be best marketed and presented.

They might handle projects like:

  • Advertising copy
  • Articles
  • Internet content
  • Proposal writing
  • Training manuals
  • Medical script writing
  • Magazine articles
  • Newsletters
  • And more.

These documents may be used by hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other medical organizations to sway medical professionals towards a certain product, service, or technique. 

No matter what medical writers might do, their goal is to ensure that medical information is accurate and informative, no matter the audience.  With their help, difficult material can be presented in an interesting way, with the proper factual support and accurate terminology.

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  1. By Darren Anthony Tynanon 15th, May 2013 at 3:08 pm

    I have always wanted to become a Medical Writer and now enrolling for the Level 2 in Medical Terminology because I like to study the medical terms of the body system.

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