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Do You Need Technical Help or Something More?

16th January 2014 Posted in Blog, Hiring Writers, Staffing, Technical Writers 0 Comments

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When it comes to outsourcing your writing needs, there are often two reasons for taking this route:

  1. You or your existing employees don’t have the time.
  2. You or your existing employees don’t have the skill set.

But there’s more to this arrangement than just handing off your writing to a professional.  Think about what you want your writing to be:

  • Technically sound
  • Well-written
  • Both? (Would seem ideal.)

Not all technical writers are the best at writing smooth and inviting prose, even though their writing may be terse and accurate.  And not all non-technical writers understand how to convey complex ideas and concepts for maximum benefit to the user.

A dilemma, to be sure.

However, when you know what you need and what you don’t have in the writers on staff, you will be able to define the job of your hired writer.  You can determine the extent of their technical knowledge by reviewing their experience, their training and their past writing samples.

Then, you can decide if their writing style speaks to the audience you want it to speak to.  If not, you might hire a skilled editor to edit the piece without changing any of the facts.

The more you think about what you need now, the more satisfied you will be with the writing results. You can have it all, even if it’s not all in the same writer.  (Though you might be able to find the right writer with both skills, with a little work and help from an agency that specializes in writers, like Writing Assistance.)

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