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Don’t Write to be Liked

25th April 2013 Posted in Blog, Communication, Writing 2 Comments


(If you’re getting paid to write, you may want to take this blog post with a grain of salt.  You need to do what your client tells you to do.  But if you think another approach would be better, it can’t hurt to speak up and let the client know.)

If you’ve ever tried to do something just for the sake of getting good feedback, you know that’s not the best decision.  Even if you think you’re doing something that an audience will like, if YOU are trying to be liked, then you need to stop for a minute to reevaluate your goals.

When you write to gain approval, you’re going to do a few things: write about things you don’t care about, write things without doing research because you can’t be bothered, and write things that appeal to the loudest members of the audience. 

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Instead, think about what YOU want to write about, and then write about those topics.  Even if you want to write about underwater basket weaving for the rest of your life, if you’re passionate about it, there’s an audience there for you.

But you need to write for the topic and for your passion – not to be liked.

Yes, it’s also nice to be liked and to gain approval, but that will come when you finally connect with the audience who feels as strongly as you do about the topic you’re covering.

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  1. By Nick Stamoulis of Brick Marketingon 30th, April 2013 at 8:15 pm

    The best content is content that you are passionate about and an expert in. Even if you are getting pain to create content, you know that the easiest content to write is when it is a topic you care about. The takeaway? When you are creating content, get into the mindset of someone who is passionate about the topic and your content will resonate much more.

  2. By editoron 6th, May 2013 at 2:44 pm

    Nick – It seems like it would be more difficult to get into the mindset of someone who is passionate about something that you are not, and certainly much easier to get the mindset of someone who shares your passion on a topic. Even then, though, it can help to try to appreciate other points of view as they may not be identical to yours.

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