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Fostering Learning in Diverse Classrooms

27th January 2015 Posted in Blog, Training & Development 0 Comments

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In a world where some of us come from different countries with different dialects, cultures, beliefs, and values, it becomes difficult for both educators and participants to be able to communicate and understand each other. This can make the classroom environment one that’s both emotionally challenging and intellectually stimulating.

In her article, Fostering “Learning Moments” Is Key To Diversity and Equity Education!, Sue Plaster, M.Ed., provides insight and ideas about how we can ensure that these uniquely powerful learning opportunities, which she rightly calls “learning moments,” occur for as many of our adult learners as possible. And lastly, she explains how we can help individuals find meaningful ways to move from awareness, knowledge, and skills to involvement and advocacy long after the training evaluation forms have been completed.

Read Fostering “Learning Moments” Is Key To Diversity and Equity Education! and then leave a comment here with your thoughts . How do you tap into and make the most of the increasing diversity of adult learning groups?

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