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Getting your Documentation Team Seen and Appreciated

Image for Getting your Documentation Team Seen and Appreciated PostAs Tech Writers advance through their career, they are not prepared to market their documentation department, but as their roles grow in the company, they often need to be Tech Comm Marketers to ensure their department survives.

In his article, How to Market a Documentation Department, Robert King discusses how to market a documentation department, providing how-to information that could be helpful to those who find themselves in this position. He provides seven ways to market documentation team services to internal and external customers:

  1. Quality of your goods and services
  2. Stepping out of the box for your customers
  3. Saying yes to your customers
  4. Connecting with your customers
  5. Telling about yourself
  6. Showing Value Added
  7. Your full documentation team

As he adeptly points out, being a Tech Comm Marketer can be very exciting or frustrating, successful or disastrous, but it’s about effort and persistence that will pay off with new opportunities, not only for the Tech Writer, but the entire documentation department.

Read How to Market a Documentation Department and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. Are you doing the same marketing services to your customer?

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