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How Can You Find a Voice You Never Discovered?

25th October 2012 Posted in Blog, Communication, Content, Writing 0 Comments

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One of the first lessons an online writer learns is to write differently than you did in college. When you get that first assignment, you find out that those long and complex sentences aren’t the right fit for the Web audience. You need to use your personality and your voice to connect with readers. But what the heck does this even mean?

Finding your voice isn’t necessarily something they teach in school. This is why you often see a lot of blogs that start out slow and then become better with time. Conversely, you also see a number of blogs online that start out great and then the writer can’t keep the energy up – because it’s not his or her own energy. It’s a persona.

But you do need to find your writing style, for better or for worse. One way to begin is to remember that you will get just as many people who hate you online as will love you online. It’s the plight of any writer, and it’s not something to worry about (unless you’re writing for someone else).

To find your voice, you need to think about how you speak. This is a great starting point. Begin recording what you want to say into a digital recorder. Type this out and polish it up if there are major errors in grammar. That’s your voice.

When you can bring your voice into your writing, you can bring your style into your work, and this ignites passion. Readers can feel passion and they will return for the energy that is uniquely yours.

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