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How Great Documentation Saves Money

13th February 2013 Posted in Blog, Documentation, Technical Writers 0 Comments

Technical documentation has many diverse drivers, but ultimately, it all strives to perform one function: assist users so they can do what they want to do with the product. Sometimes they already know what they want to do, other times the documentation helps educate them.

By the time users call Support, they are a) annoyed with the documentation, b) annoyed with the product, and c) annoyed with the company. What they want and what they need is for the documentation to answer their questions.

Jacquie Samuels discusses how great documentation can save money on tech support, and even includes a calculator to help you understand just how much you can be saving in her article, How Documentation Can Save You Big Bucks When it Comes to Support.

Read the article and then leave a comment here. Are you aware of other areas beyond tech support where great documentation can save money?

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