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How Instructional Designers Can Tap Into SMEs

8th January 2015 Posted in Blog, Training & Development 0 Comments


For training courses to be effective on any project, Instructional Designers and Trainers should have a strong knowledge and depth of skills in the topic to make sure that the content is accurate. That’s where SMEs, or Subject Matter Experts, come in. SMEs are the experts with in-depth knowledge of what’s needed in a course or training program.

In his article, Curriculum Design with Subject Matter Experts,  Lester L. Stephenson explains the importance and advantages of involving SMEs from the very beginning of the project. He also provides some questions that can be used as a guide for Instructional Designers to use while interviewing SMEs, along with some tips on how to create a detailed outline of the course content after the information gathering has been completed.

Read Curriculum Design with Subject Matter Experts and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. As a Trainer or Instructional Designer, how do you get the most from your interactions with SMEs?

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