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How Outsourced Tech Writers Help Your Help Desk

4th December 2013 Posted in Blog, Documentation 0 Comments

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Your company already spends enough money – and you’d love to spend less.  You’ve looked over your budget again and again, and it may have seemed as though you already cut all you could.  But is this the truth?  You may not realize how you’re increasing your spending by not hiring a competent technical writer.

Think about what your intentions are when you provide your customer with technical documentation.  You provide this information in order to make sure customers have the information they need to use a product or service.  (And so that they don’t come back to you with questions.)

But if you’ve noticed customers continuing to contact the Help Desk with questions, you may need to update and improve your documentation.  By hiring a technical writer to take on this task, you can improve the quality of your documentation, which can mean fewer calls and emails to your Help Desk. (Lower labor costs, lower resource expenses, etc. in the long run.)

Of course, there will always be customers who need to have some extra help, but when you have a well-written document, help system or Wiki page available to them, you provide them with the information they need to handle things on their own. If they’re willing to take the time to do that.

If you’re expecting your customers to answer their own questions, you need to provide them with high quality resources, prepared by skilled professionals.

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