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How Sales Writers Sell with Words Alone

3rd April 2013 Posted in Blog, Communication, Marketing Writers, Writing 0 Comments

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Going door to door is a much more effective way of selling than the written word – or at least it would seem that way.  If you’re talking directly to a customer, you can see what they respond to, what they don’t respond to, and you can, well, get in their face about what you have to say.

Making your sales writing effective

Here’s what you need to do with your writing to make it a personal ‘call’ to the audience:

  • Be specific – Your writing needs to contain as many descriptors as possible so the person who is reading the piece knows EXACTLY what you’re talking about, even if he or she doesn’t see the product until it arrives on the doorstep.
  • Grab the emotions – Appeal to the emotions of your audience.  Speak directly to their needs, their worries, and their current concerns.
  • Write like you’re speaking to the audience – Stop trying to explain things ‘over’ a reader.  Talk directly to them, as though they’re in the room with you. Don’t get tripped up in your written words.

Even if you’re writing for an online audience, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a personal connection with words you write. Read the piece out loud to yourself and see if it sounds like a conversation.  If not, then you’re not doing your sales job.  (Thankfully, editing is easier on a computer than it is face-to-face.)

What tips would you add for sales writers in getting their point across in words and making the sale? Please leave a comment.

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