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How Technical Writing Companies Support You

3rd May 2011 Posted in Blog, Technical Writers 1 Comment
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Technical writers are not just any other writers. While they will follow the rules of spelling and grammar, they are capable of doing so much more in the field of writing and in the field of company support. Whether you employ technical writers or you want to begin to do so, it can help to understand how technical writers help you help yourself – and help meet your company’s goals.

Life and Work Made Easier

Technical writers used to be a part of companies, without any special title or designation. They were the folks who wrote up the instructional manuals because they realized that having a set of instructions would not only help the company, but also new hires. This hasn’t changed.

A technical writing company will:

  • Offer its expertise – Since an experienced technical writing company has a broad and polished skill set, it can offer expertise and guidance as you develop your final product, especially if you’re new to this service.
  • Have an unbiased view of the documentation – When a technical writing team comes in to look at your work, it can offer you an unbiased opinion of what works and what doesn’t. It can also help you see where you need clarification within previously written documents.
  • Know the industry standards – A high quality technical writing team will already know the industry standards and how to follow them.
  • Do the work on your timeline – You can request work be done within a certain timeline and expect your technical writing team to abide by it.
  • Provide high quality copy – An experienced technical writing team will consistently provide high quality copy with minimal instruction and guidance.

A technical writing team might be a new idea to you, but it may be just what you need. Whether you’re interested in creating anew department or just hiring on a service for a short-term project, technical writers know how to create clarity not only for your words, but also for your ideas.

If you have experience with deploying technical writers in your business, what value do you find they bring to the table? We’d love to hear your comments!

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  1. By Christina Carabinion 27th, May 2011 at 4:14 pm

    In addition each writer is familiarized with technical service procedure SOPs enabling them to provide meaningful feedback and direct follow up to clients. Additionally TSS Technical Writers are poised to provide a variety of Technical Writing services to support internal as well as client quality system requirements.

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