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How to Come Up with the Next Great Idea

7th February 2013 Posted in Blog, Writing 0 Comments

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The Internet can appear to be fairly unforgiving for the writer.  Not only are there more voices to shout/write above, but also it seems that the second you have a great idea and start to post it…someone else has already said what you were thinking.

How can you come up with the next great idea (before someone else does)?

  • Write it down – Do you have great ideas when you’re not at your computer?  Bring a journal with you or record your ideas into a digital voice recorder to make sure they’re coming back to your office with you.
  • Post immediately – Even if you feel an idea is half-baked, post it online immediately, even if it’s just in a tweet.  Get it out there and then go back and develop it further.
  • Tweak what’s been said – If you find someone else has said what you want to say, find a new way to say it or respond directly to what you find.  You may be able to see a new angle that will get you noticed.

The reality is that the Internet is so big and the world is so big that someone else may very well be having the same idea at the same time you do.  The good news about this is that even if this does happen, you will want to keep this in mind:

Not everyone will read everything online.

This means you can have a brilliant idea that someone else has, and your audience may see your idea and another audience will see the other idea. 

You’re not any less brilliant of a writer because of the fact that the world is so big and so full of ideas that you may never be the first one to say something.

But with these tips, you will have a better chance.

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