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How to Negotiate Successfully

5th June 2015 Posted in Blog, Career Development 0 Comments

Image for Negotiation PostEveryone of us comes to the point where we negotiate – either in personal, work or business relationships – for our future success. That’s why negotiating techniques are very important in getting what we want or need.

In her article, Negotiation Techniques, Kerri Harris, gives insight into the process of negotiation and provides tips you can use to improve your negotiating skills. She goes into detail with the five basic elements common to various negotiation situations:

  1. Assessing your needs and wants and what you are really after
  2. Knowing the needs and wants for all other parties involved
  3. Staging the discussion
  4. Identifying areas for compromise
  5. Following-up with an action plan

She explains how understanding these elements can help in progressing through the process of successful negotiation.

Read Negotiation Techniques and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. How do you negotiate? Do you have any additional techniques that you use in negotiating an argument or issue?

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