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How to Start a Technical Writing Business

31st July 2015 Posted in Blog, Career Development 0 Comments

Image for How To Start a Technical Writing Business PostIf you’re a tech writer thinking about going independent and starting your own technical writing business, you’ll appreciate the first-hand insights provided in this article by tech writer Ruth Nickolich, who has been operating her own technical writing business successfully for many years.

The reasons for starting your own business vary with the individual, but one common motivator seems to be having the freedom to do your own thing. Her article is broken down into four sections:

  1. The question of starting big vs. starting small
  2. Remaining flexible and open to change
  3. Developing relationships
  4. Going for it

Read Starting a Technical Writing Business from Scratch and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. Have you been considering starting your own business? Have you already taken the plunge? What was the strongest motivating factor in your decision?

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