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How Trainers Hold the Key to Onboarding New Hires

24th February 2015 Posted in Blog, Hiring, Training & Development 0 Comments

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In today’s competitive market, training and development staff should focus on how they can help provide effective onboarding for new employees to help the organization grow its talent, establish good relationships between employer and employees, and help contribute to the future success of any organization.

In her article, New Attention to Onboarding: Where Trainers Hold the Keys,  Sue Plaster, M.Ed., explains how training staff, leaders, hiring managers, recruiters, and even new employees play important roles in orientation and onboarding. She provides a series of questions that helps shape the onboarding of new employees in any organization. She takes a close look at the three views to be considered in the overall onboarding plan for the employee, which are: the big picture, the middle view and up close. And last, she talks about how important it is to ask new employees themselves about their needs in the onboarding process.

Read New Attention to Onboarding: Where Trainers Hold the Keys and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. As a trainer, how have you helped your organization with its onboarding process if you’ve been involved? As an employee, do you think trainers could have helped with the onboarding process you experienced when you were first hired?

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