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Improving Your Own Professional Visibility

16th December 2015 Posted in Blog, Career Development 0 Comments

Image for Professional Visibility PostDo you need a boost for your learning and development efforts— well-deserved positive visibility for your achievements? Are you unsure how to go about it in a graceful way that won’t come across as raw ambition or irritating egotism?

In her article, Gaining Visibility Gracefully for Your Professional Efforts, Sue Plaster provides six ways to build on your existing profession reputation and make sure that when credit is given, you get your fair share. She provides insight and examples on how you can promote yourself gracefully and productively to gain professional visibility in your career.

Read Gaining Visibility Gracefully for Your Professional Efforts and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. Have you taken a different approach to improving your professional visibility, or have you been afraid of sounding your own horn?

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