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Instructional Designer and Technical Writer Make Top 100 Jobs

Image for Active vs Passive Writing PostCNNMoney published this list it complied with PayScale of the top 100 best jobs in America.

Among the top 100 jobs were:

  • Instructional Designer, at number 76 – With quality of life scores of A across the board for personal satisfaction, benefit to society, flexibility and low stress, it’s a bit of a surprise that this career wasn’t ranked higher.
  • Technical Writer, at number 86 – For tech writers, personal satisfaction only scored a C grade, while benefit to society and flexibility both received Bs, and low stress received an A.

Seems like a big difference in ratings for just a 10-position difference in the list to us. It would also appear that the greatest weight was given to the potential for job growth over the next 10 years. We also note the position of Clinical Documentation Specialist ranked at number 52 in the list.

Do you agree? What are your thoughts on these professions and the value of the list? Please leave a comment.

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