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Is Ireland the New Leader in Technical Writing?

4th May 2012 Posted in Blog, Staffing, Technical Writers 0 Comments

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According to Patrice Fanning, chief executive and founder of Technically Write IT, Ireland might be the next leader in technical writing.  

For those looking at the market today, it seems that many countries are positioning themselves for this role, and perhaps Ireland brings up some good points for other countries to consider.

What Makes One Country The One with the ‘Write’ Stuff

Interestingly enough, there are a few things that Patrice raises as strongpoints for offshore technical writers based in Ireland:

  • Time zone location
  • Inherent communication skills
  • English speaking

These ideas do make a lot of sense to those who need technical writing services.  Ideally, the time zone of the user of the documentation and the writer will correlate to create time-sensitive documents.  If the time zones are too far apart, it can cause delays in getting the information out and obstacles in having teleconference meetings.  At the same time, technology and coffee tend to allow technical writers from many time zones to work collaboratively – provided the writers are willing to work on the employer’s time schedule.

Now, it does make sense that writers who are already good at communicating and collecting the right information will help to expedite the technical writing goals.  How one can measure whether someone is a good communicator or not…that’s a little less concrete.

The focus on English speaking for technical writing does come up in documentation, but it’s unclear if this is too broad of a generalization.  After all, not everyone speaks English and not everyone needs their documents in English.

Still, the statement from Patrice does make one wonder – which country, if any, is positioned to become a leader in technical writing?  And does it matter for the market as a whole?

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