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Justifying Conference Attendance

26th April 2013 Posted in Blog, Career Development, Events 0 Comments


With conference season in full swing, and especially with STC’s Technical Communications Summit ’13 coming up early next month in Atlanta, it seemed like a good time to offer some tips on justifying conference attendance.

In times of tight budgets it can be very challenging to get the boss to spring for you or others in your group to attend a professional conference. But the experience itself, the opportunity to chat with peers person-to-person, and the various learning benefits provided by a well-run conference can make it a worthwhile expense.

Mike Doyle provides timeless advice in his article, How To Justify Conference Attendance. Since it was first published, Mike’s article continues to be one of the most popular on our site.

Read the article and then leave a comment here. Can you provide additional insight on how to convince those who control the purse strings that conference attendance is vital to improving your skills or those of your group? How did you get the okay, and what were some of the objection you had to overcome?

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