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Keep Content Exciting with New Writers

5th October 2013 Posted in Blog, Hiring Writers, Writing 0 Comments

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You might be the most passionate person when it comes to your topic and your business.  But even the most passionate people need a day off (or longer).  You need a fresh set of eyes to see what your message is and how it could be made better, especially in an ever-changing market. An outside writer can bring excitement to the table and help keep your writing fresh and vibrant.

Using new writers allows your content to continue to be exciting.  When you’ve written about widgets for the last two years, for example, you may feel as though you have nothing more to say.  But when you bring in an outside writer who has had different experiences, but who may not have considered your particular angle, a fresh perspective can result that maintains your audience’s interest.

Perhaps the writer has a story they can build into the writing, or they have done research that reveals a new aspect.  Perhaps they can look at the market and find a new way to engage the audience.  Or perhaps they can look at old marketing or technical publications and see how they can be improved.

All of these are abilities of a new writer, one with writing experience and skills, but perhaps more energy than you have.  Give them the idea and see where they can take it.  They may just surprise you with what is possible.

When you need an outside writer, contact us. We have writers for every industry and any location.

Have you had an experience where bringing in an outside writer helped freshen your publications with a new perspective? Please leave a comment below.

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