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Know What You Need in a Writer BEFORE You Search for One

24th January 2014 Posted in Blog, Hiring Writers 0 Comments


Writing isn’t as easy as it looks…and that’s why you’re looking outside for help.  Though you need to look for the best writer for your needs, you also need to be a client who can get the best from their writer.

This means you need to be prepared.

  • Know your project – Before you even begin to hire someone else, determine the exact parameters of your project: what it includes, what it means, and what you expect in the end.
  • Know your technical stuff – Collect the technical information the writer will need, or be clear about the knowledge set the writer should have.
  • Know your timeline – Understand what your timeline is, including when you expect to see the first draft, the first edit, subsequent edits, and the final result.
  • Know the potential obstacles – Look at your schedule to see what obstacles might come up during the project (i.e. if you’re traveling).
  • Know your budget – Be clear about what your budget is, and what its limitations are.
  • Know your communication ability – If you’re unable to communicate regularly or have special communications requirements of your writer, then you need to state this up front.  Tell the writer what her or she can expect, and what your expectations are.
  • Know your location requirements – Do you need a writer at your facility every day, occasionally for meetings, or can you meet your needs with a remote writer?

Before you hire anyone, get these facts down on paper and talk them out with others in your company, if needed.  This will help you have a project plan in place; one that allows you to hire a person who can get the job done the way you expect (and need).

Our Client FAQ page provides a complete list of what you need to provide us to get started. Remember, at Writing Assistance, Inc., there is no cost for a candidate search and billing does not begin until your selected candidate starts work on your project.

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