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Leadership Development Planning Done Right

10th February 2015 Posted in Blog, Leadership, Training & Development 0 Comments

Every good leader or manager needs a development plan in place to help their employees be successful in their organization and provide better opportunities for each and every employee to grow and contribute to the organization.

In her article, An Individual Leadership Development Plan: Where Training Can Help, Sue Plaster, M.Ed., looks at how support and facilitation from training and development can make a difference in preparing managers for development planning. First, she looks at the six key elements of development planning, then she gives examples of how training and development professionals can assist managers in the process. She then goes into some detail about the first – and biggest – element: Preparation and Gap Analysis. Finally, she provides helpful guidance on getting underway and putting the plan into action.

Read An Individual Leadership Development Plan<: Where Training Can Help and then leave a comment here with your thoughts. Is leadership development lacking in your organization? How do you work with your employees on development planning? 

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