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Learn More About the “E” in ADDIE

31st October 2014 Posted in Blog, Training & Development 0 Comments

Is Your E Folder Empty in ADDIE

As we all know, ADDIE, the most popular and easiest to remember model used in instructional design and training development stands for Analysis, Design, Development, Implement, and Evaluate.

In his article, What Happened to the “E” in ADDIE? ,  John Cecil, an instructional designer and project manager, digs into the sometimes missing, sometimes overlooked evaluation part of the model. In it, he discusses the two types of feedback, what trainers really need to know to determine if the training actually did any good, and he offers some ways to make training evaluation more authentic and useful.

Read What Happened to the “E” in ADDIE? and then leave a comment here with your thoughts on the evaluation aspect of ADDIE. Are you getting the kind of feedback you need to determine if your training was successful, or your “E” folder empty? Did you use methods beyond what’s discussed in the article? 

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