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Localization World Conference Oct. 6-8, 2010, Seattle

29th September 2010 Posted in Blog, Events 0 Comments
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The Localization World Conference will be coming to Seattle in early October this year. The program includes sessions on global business best practices, managing global websites, advanced practices in localization management, and special format sessions for deepening understanding of select topics related to internationalization and localization.

The theme for this fall’s Seattle conference is “Know-how for Global Success”.

The five tracks will focus on:

  • Experienced business people provide practical insights for companies that want to venture with confidence into new international markets.
  • Leading companies, each with an outstanding web presence, offer their expertise for launching and maintaining a worldwide web platform.
  • An introductory track for companies that need to localize, but are unsure where to start.
  • The latest information on trends, processes, technologies and influences that shape the world of localization.
  • Special format sessions for deepening understanding of select topics and sessions that stimulate collaboration and community.

Event links:

Detailed Program Table
Conference Registration
Location/Hotel Info

Who is tasked with localization in your organization? In many companies, engineering and documentation have separate individuals who manage the localization process with their vendors. Sometimes, Senior or Lead Technical Writers will carry the ball for getting documentation localized, while in others, Documentation Managers handle this task. Please leave a comment.

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