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Making Your Documentation Team More Visible

23rd May 2013 Posted in Blog, Career Development, Management 0 Comments


A documentation department can be a key factor to a company’s success. Unfortunately, many companies don’t realize that. To some extent, the fault may lie with the documentation team itself in failing to make its benefits widely known.

Probably the biggest obstacle to valid recognition is that documentation aren’t seen as contributing to the company’s bottom line. However, some deliberate actions can be taken to boost the team’s visibility.

Raising your visibility means that your team and its individual members may be offered interesting opportunities to contribute in other ares of the organization and perhaps even survive longer in times of downsizing and budget cutbacks.

Whitney Potsus provides actionable advice in her article, Raising Your Documentation Team’s Visibility. Read the article and then leave a comment below with your thoughts on what you might add or revise in today’s business climate. What recommendations would you make, and what has worked for raising your team’s corporate visibility?

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