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Measuring the Productivity of Technical Writers

5th July 2013 Posted in Blog, Management, Technical Writers 0 Comments

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In reality, all performance evaluations of technical writing are subjective. However, if your team is working on related projects with similar outputs, it is possible to develop standard metrics to evaluate writer productivity, relative to a project’s standard deliverables and to other team members.

Every manager struggles to balance writer workload and project capacity. This simple spreadsheet-based system developed by Pam Swanwick and Juliet Leckenby of McKesson Inc., can help you objectively evaluate assigned tasks, task time and complexity, special projects, and even writer experience levels to more accurately assess individual workload and capacity.

Organizations may download, reproduce and modify the spreadsheet application they’ve developed, as long as the required attribution (see the article for details) is provided in the spreadsheet properties.

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