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New Rules, New Writing, More Opportunities for Tech Writers

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If you hadn’t already noticed, the economy is changing.  From the housing market to the increased interest in green living and energy, it’s become clear that new technologies are emerging, creating opportunities for new technical writing services and formats.  With each new technology that comes out to save the planet, a technical writer gets to write a new user document.

While it may seem that some user documents are simliar to the pre-green economy technologies, this is an overgeneralization.  With each new invention in the green energy market comes a new technology or a new way to use an old technology, necessitating a new document for the user, who will need help to understand how to use these pieces of equipment.

Other places where new writing may be necessary to support green technologies are:

  • New rules
  • New regulations
  • Emerging markets
  • Training and support

When the technology is so new that only a few people know how to use it and what it’s used for, the documentation will need to include new rules and regulations.

It seems that no matter where technology takes the world, a technical writer will need to be along for the ride. And that’s a very good thing, in our view. What’s yours?

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  1. By Stephanie Justeon 18th, June 2012 at 11:11 am

    In 100% agreement!
    That’s why I am now seeking opportunities which will allow me to be compensated for my writing skills. We have moved – or at least I have moved – from subject based work to technical work that allows cross cultural people to shine. Writing of all types is my thing. I am strong in English with all its levels. I understand punctuation, so I’m good at it.
    Writing has always been the skill that I am most proud of.And mothers are, too.It sems that many graduates of my school are wonderful writers.
    Seeing so many glaring mistakes in professional materials is what made me realize what my market is. Editing/Proofing/Presentation Design is urgently needed these days.

  2. By editoron 18th, June 2012 at 6:10 pm

    Thanks, Stephanie, and best of luck in your career.

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