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Not all Professionals Have Writing Skills

27th August 2013 Posted in Blog, Hiring Writers, Management, Writing 0 Comments

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You might know everything there is to know about widgets.  You might know where the first widget was made, and where the first widget business began, but that doesn’t make you the best one to write about the subject.

And you can’t expect all experts in the field to write either.

Even though you might have a highly respected expert in your company, and they might know everything there is to know about their field, they may not be the one to turn their knowledge into a useful piece of writing.

They’re not a professional writer, so they shouldn’t take on that task.  But what you can do is hire a technical writer, for example, someone who can take the information and turn it into something readable.

Now, that doesn’t mean the writer needs to know everything about the topic – not at all.  But what they should be able to do is to create the writing piece that is needed at the time, i.e. press release, marketing brochure, etc. by gathering input from those who are knowledgeable.

Writers know how to put ideas together, and the experts can be utilized as fact checkers.  Together, they will write something that conveys the message, provides the information, and shares an idea (or ideas).

You can’t expect anyone to be an expert in everything, after all.  But in business, it’s about knowing how to use the resources you have – the right way.

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