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Shaping Your Online Writing to Your Reader

7th December 2012 Posted in Blog, Content, Writing 0 Comments

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So much of writing advice is focused on how you can pare down your writing to make it stronger. This is certainly good advice, but when you’re writing for online markets, you need to remember something else. While you can have the best information out there, if you’re not presenting it well, you may not be getting or retaining the readers you want – and need.

A few techniques can improve the overall quality and presentation of your writing in blogs, online articles, etc.

  • Use a strong title and title font – You have about ten seconds to grab the attention of reader. Make your title strong and the reader will want to learn more.
  • Choose subheadings that guide the reader – As you write, think about how you can add in subheadings that are keyword-focused, as well as helpful for the skimming reader. For example, you might have an introductory paragraph, but then before the next paragraph, you might talk about the history of the subject. In that case, you would use the subheading – The History of ____________.
  • Add relevant photos – Visually striking photos that are relevant to your topic can inspire a reader to take the time to read your work.
  • Include relevant links in your writing – Add links in your writing, as well as at the end of the piece. This will encourage the reader to dig deeper into your content.

The more you can do to shape your writing for your reader, the more your readers will come to appreciate it.

What advice would you give to someone trying to improve his or her online writing? Please leave a comment.

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