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Outsourced Writers Can Resolve Language Issues

21st September 2013 Posted in Blog, Hiring Writers, Translation & Localization 0 Comments

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In a global market, there are more languages than ever being used to communicate marketing messages and other types of technical and healthcare related information.  But you may not have the staff who can write the piece you need to share with your audience. That’s especially true if your firm’s audience is expanding to new countries.

That’s where outsourcing can help.

You could choose to hire a temporary contract writer who is specifically skilled in a certain language or a certain style of writing.  This will ensure your message still gets across, but it does so in the way that you intend. And, you can get someone involved in your project much sooner than if you attempted to hire them yourself.

Writing Assistance, Inc. can help you find the outsourced talent that meets your language needs. We pre-screen our candidates closely and can find you someone who is either a native speaker of the language or who has written for other clients in that marketplace. We have extensive contacts with writers around the globe and save you time by helping you find the best writer for the job.

Your staff writers may not know how to speak to everyone, but we can find you a professional who can deliver your message for you.

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