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Outsourced Writers Provide a Fresh Perspective

30th August 2013 Posted in Blog, Hiring Writers, Writing 0 Comments

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You may have thought you were hiring a writer to help you complete a project, but that’s not all he or she has to offer.  Even though you might be the expert in your field, fully ensconced in your business and industry, an outsourced writer can give you something you don’t realize you may be missing – perspective.

From this writer, you might learn:

  • What others think about the topic
  • Ideas that need more explanation
  • How the industry is already talking about _______
  • What your past writing has been missing (or needing)

When you’re close to a topic and you’re close to a project, you start to form an opinion.  Even though you may not realize it, this opinion or stance might impact the way a reader or an audience learns about your topic.  This isn’t always a good thing.

Instead, you want to bring in one or more outsourced professionals who can not only finish the job, but who can also give you valuable input.  They can point out when things are stilted or when they are biased. They may also be able to give you a fresh perspective on how an existing internal writing process could be improved.  While you may not take the advice, hearing it can help you create a better result.

The next time you hire outsourced writers, give them the assignment, but also ask for input and feedback. The advice you get might just allow you to see what your writing or project processes have been missing all along. In other words, it may help you see the forest AND the trees.

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