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Picking the Right Recruiter

2nd January 2014 Posted in Blog, Staffing 0 Comments

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Okay, so the new year is here. Maybe in 2014 you have resolved to take a new approach to your writing needs, sample writers by outsourcing for talent or have finally received budget approval to expand your staff.

If you are going to use a placement firm for help in finding the right people, or you’re not happy with the recruiting agency you’ve used n the past, it can be very helpful to understand what you need to know before selecting a recruiter.

And, even if you are a contractor who is looking to affiliate with a recruiting firm, some of the same considerations may apply to you before you commit to one firm.

To better understand some of the important qualifications you should be looking at, read: How to Pick the Right Recruiter by Meredith McGhan. And, if you’ve learned from either a positive or negative experience with a recruiter, feel free to offer any additional insight you might like to share by leaving a comment here.

How to Pick the Right Recruiter

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